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Monday, April 11, 2016


Starseeds are individuals that predominantly incarnate into the physical dimension as Extraterrestrials on other planets. However, for a time they are sent as emissaries to incarnate on Earth and other worlds to aid a planets evolution and ascension. Many of these Starseeds will incarnate at birth, though there are in a few cases those that are walk ins.

Starseeds will often feel different to the majority of human society, and maintain an awareness that they are from elsewhere in the Universe.
They are generally known for their dysfunctional behaviour in society as Starseeds will often find fault in the human sociological construct, and rebel against the many constraints imposed.

“Starseeds” are of differing evolutionary levels that frequent other planets, star systems or galaxys, whose are sent on a mission to assist Earth and her inhabitants towards the “Age of Awakening”.
Like humans they incarnate into the same conditions, forgetting who they are and their origins. However Starseeds are designed with an awakening function that will activate at a pre-determined time in their Earthly lives.

This awakening will usually be gradual or some cases rapid and spontaneous. Allowing the Starseeds to retrieve their forgotton memories to greater or lesser degrees and spur them towards their missions. Many connections are restored in this awakening process, including reconnecting to their Higher Selves and in some cases their “Extraterrestrial Spirit Guides”, which aids them in guiding humanity into higher knowledge.

When Starseeds awaken they tend to gravitate towards the Esoteric, Creative or Scientific Fields of interest. Investigating the truth through higher systems of study to understand their individual missions and purpose.

They can discard fear based and limiting behavior patterns that may take multiple lifetimes for the average Earth Human to accomplish. As Starseeds already contain the required knowledge in their Soul Repositories concerning the procedures and techniques for raising consciousness.
They conceive that it is normal that Spaceships, Extraterrestrials and other forms of Psychic phenomenon exists, and will naturally attempt to convince others of the existance of these concepts.
They anticipate a great awakening the evolution of consciousness in the near future, and will often gravitate towards those of like consciousness to assist in aiding this great change.

Starseeds will have characteristics of either Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow.

Indigo Starseeds usually have a hard time coping in this world, because they are yet to awaken the ability to walk freely in other dimensions and may have a hard time establishing contact with their extraterrestrial counterparts, or have yet to develop the ability to see or hear extradimensional communication. So they may feel a loneliness and despair, being aware that they don't belong here but lacking ability to make contact. These Indigos can often question much of their purpose here and feel like they just want to leave this planet. Those Indigos that do manage to succeed in establishing contact though can become very driven in their purpose, they are powerhouses for breaking down dysfunctional systems.