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Astral Dimension

5D: The Astral Dimension.  This is the 5th dimension and correlates to the Third Chakra that regulates confidence and self esteem. Although the Astral is further in spacial proximity to the physical than the Etheric Dimension, it is closer in actual appearance. The Astral body is utilized to traverse this dimension and, within its function allows you the ability to have desires, emotions, imagination, and psychic abilities. It lends power to thought which is essential for effective action and manifestation.

This  dimension contains what can be described as the containing the counterpart of all within the physical dimension. It’s the duplicate dimension and belongs to the group in time-space.  It is visually dominant, and athough utilizes all senses is predominantly navigated by sight. There are many planes within this dimension that are subject to intense polarity of negative and positive.

The astral contains a duplicate of everything in the physical universe, although this is not entirely accurate as some astral counterparts can appear to be a distorted version of its physical, constituting supersymmetry as a primary construct. Time is generally experienced in the Astral as symmetrical with the physical,  however it is more malleable in the higher dimensions and planes. As the dimensions get higher, they are closer to dimensions outside of time-space, allowing an individual awakened at the Astral level to manipulate their experience of time to certain degrees. Time is an illusion, even in the physical dimension, with all events happening simultaneous, which can be perceived in its reality more clearly from the astral, depending on an individuals knowledge and awareness. For example an individual at this level may experience past life regressions.

Communicating with other beings and travelling through landscapes or space is seemingly realistic. It is easy to identify when you are traversing this dimension because it looks and feels real.  It looks like something in the physical universe. However just as the physical universe is subject to parallel time lines, phases and frequencies so too is the astral just with increased intensity. A full awakened astral body will allow you to experience intense pleasure, intense pain, intense fear. Whatever you feel in this dimension will create a resonance and manipulate the flavor or texture of the landscapes or scenery accordingly. Feeling negative will create a negative resonance and cause a shift to a negative plane experience. Nuetral feelings will resonate nuetral planes, positive feelings will resonate positive planes. They will appear real just the resonance will change. You literally see a darker or lighter energy within the plane even though it looks real.

When individuals that are unawakened enter the astral dimension through dreams it can be spasmodic and shifting. During dreams at the pre-awakened level we are usually only semi consciously aware of the experiences. The Astral body senses are only partially awakened so the Astral experience lacks its full potential. We are not limited to the Astral during the dream state, however this is the dimension frequently used for dream experiences.

It is crucial to learn control concerning vibrational resonance at this level, because where the physical plane may provide a time-space barrier between our vibrational frequency, thought and emotion resonance in relation to the events we create and experience here in the physical, higher dimensional time and space barriers are a little thinner in that regard and create almost instantly. The Astral dimension is especially sensitive to feelings and thought-feelings (thoughts masquerading as feelings). In other words the physical (unless your a master) provides a certain amount of time between conception and manifestation in the physical dimension whereas the astral provides little allowance in this regard.

The astral planes are also subject to phase-frequency barriers. Not resonance fields but frequency barriers.  These frequency barriers are present in all the dimensions of course, but its important to highlight this in the astral to create a clear understanding. Imagine the dimensions like a radio, 101.1 frequency plays a certain type of music whereas 104.3 plays another type, and each individual encoded with a particular wavelength they carry from birth. This allows the individual to experience on this frequency, which permeates all dimensions including the spirit dimensions and realm of birth. In all dimensions pertaining to the individuals awareness this frequency will determine experiences. Whether they will see Extraterrestrial spirits, the kinds of Extraterrestrrial spirits they will see, or whether they see human spirits will be determined by the frequency encoded in you from your spiritual realm of birth. It affects what you will experience throughout your multidimensional awakening. The higher the frequency the grander the experiences throughout the dimensions. Your frequency determines all you will have the ability to experience.

Individuals encoded to the human spiritual realms will very rarely encounter extraterrestrial spirits without first facilitating spiritual ascension. Their frequency isolates them from this experience, protects their consciousness, this way their evolution is left to develop naturally without outside interference.

Starseeds on the other hand are generally exposed to a broader range of beings on the astral in addition to humans. On the astral starseeds can still see humans on the Earth Astral Planes, because of the relation to the physical dimension. However they’ll often exerience other Extraterrestrial beings appearing as well. At the higher spirit dimensional levels we rarely ever encounter human spirits unless we are purposely vortexing to the human spirit realms, but at the astral level these encounters are likely to occur.