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Causal Dimension

6D Causal Dimension: This is the 6th dimension and correlates to the fourth Heart Chakra, and can be described as the first dimension outside of time-space that permeate throughout the preceding dimensions. The Causal body is utilized to traverse this dimension and, within its function our Soul-Consciousness will determine what we experience based on information stored within its repository concerning past lives and any cause and effect we have accumulated during these past incarnation periods, that must be generated in the current experience for the purpose of evolutionary growth.

The Causal determines that whatever you do unto another, you must eventually experience yourself, for wisdom is gained when one understands the effect their actions cause upon another. The purpose of this process is to grow to encompass only that which is noble and harmonious, and in accordance with the law of spirit; for every great and divine thought, every kind and pure action, is assimilated into the field of the causal body.

The Causal Dimension contains the energy of action and reaction. The Heart Chakra or Fourth energy center of this Dimension facilitates higher or lower action chosen by the individual. It distributes the energy required to aid such action to the correct centers without judgement of whether the action is negative or positive, but at the same time, stores the information regarding action that is effected by the individual into the causal body field, and will generate the appropriate cause and effect response either in the current incarnation experience, or a later incarnation.

As Action and Reaction functions through our relationship to others, this energy is also stored on a collective basis in the Causal Dimension. What has been, what is and what could be, can be observed within the Causal Dimension.

As this dimension relates to the Heart Chakra, perception of this dimension is supported by intuition, empathy and clairsentience. Unlike the Etheric and Astral Dimensions that are predominantly visually navigated through Clairvoyance, navigation of the Causal Dimension functions more effectively through Clairsentience and the ability to intuitively sense the energy within. Empathy, a subset of Clairsentience is used by gifted individuals to sense the feelings of others, feelings that are generated via our heart chakras, through this sense of anothers feelings we are able to formulate a picture of what another is feeling ie anger. Yet our heart chakras contain more than just feelings as they are directly connected to the Causal Body. So not only can we get a picture of what they are feeling, but why they are feeling it, what has caused this feeling. Our sense then grows from images into possibilities as we fall into rapport with this person.

For example If the offending action that caused the feeling was not taken and alternate action taken instead would this change outcome for the better, or was the offending action necessary. If you were to offer council would it likely cause further offence or would the concilitory act be welcomed. This is just an example of an aspect of causal energy.

Energy on the Causal Level is often driven and perceived and interpreted by abstract thought, however this is usually preceded by an experience of intuition or Empathy.

Those who have ascended to Causal Dimension Awareness however are almost unique in their ability to read and manipulate Causal Energy on a personal level, and after a certain level of mastery is achieved, their gifts escalate to manipulating cause and effect on a Group or Collective scale. In other words, they have the ability to tap into the Causal Dimension and direct or redirect national or global orientated action that will cause an undesired effect. ie; a missile launch failure. Not to say they can control the world or such nonesense, but they can certainly redirect undesirable causes. This type of collective energy manipulation requires a strong mastery of the mind however, and individuals at this level of mastery are usually very particular concerning the principles of using such a gift, nothing is ever taken lightly or used for superficial purposes.

Those Awakened at this level find that the laws of cause and effect respond faster in their experience. Ie; they may think they are better than others and look down on people, only to find themselves later that day in a position where someone is blatently looking down upon them. Or they may kick someone out of spite only to experience ten minutes later that they stub their toe or knock their leg into a table. The higher you progress in mastery, the faster the effects will manifest what you cause.

Time in this dimension follows the less progressive time principle than the lower dimensions, and more closely resembles the simultaneous time principle. However the way time is perceived in this dimension is directly proportional to the individual user, so different time effects for different individuals.