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CE-5 Protocols


Light Being CropCE-5 is a term describing a fifth category of close encounters with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), characterized by mutual, bilateral communication rather than unilateral contact.
The CE-5 Initiative has as its central focus bilateral ETI-human communication based on mutual respect and universal principles of exchange and contact. CE types 1-4 are essentially passive, reactive and ETI initiated. A CE-5 is distinguished from these by conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative contacts with ETI. Evidence exists indicating that CE-5s have successfully occurred in the past, and the inevitable maturing of the human/ETI relationship requires greater research and outreach efforts into this possibility. While ultimate control of such contact and exchange will (and probably should) remain with the technologically more advanced intelligent life forms (i.e., ETI), this does not lessen the importance of conscientious, voluntary human initiatives, contact and follow-up to conventional CE-s types 1-4.
CSETI is the only worldwide effort to concentrate on putting trained teams of investigators into the field where 1) active waves of UFO activity are occurring, or 2) in an attempt to vector UFOs into a specific area for the purposes of initiating communication. Contact protocols include the use of light, sound, and thought. Thought – specifically consciousness – is the primary mode of initiating contact.

Core Principles

There is strong evidence for the existence of ETI, civilizations and spacecraft.
ETI/ETS have been and are currently visiting the Earth.
Careful bilateral communications between ETI and humans is of continuing importance and will increase in the future.
CSETI approaches the study of ETI with cooperative, peaceful, non-harmful intentions and procedures.
The establishment of a lasting world peace is essential to the full development of the ETI-Human relationship.
Both humans and ETI, as conscious, intelligent beings, are essentially more alike than dissimilar; CSETI is dedicated to the study of both our shared and unique characteristics.
CSETI operates on the premise that ETI net motives and ultimate intentions are peaceful and non-hostile.
It appears probable that more than one extraterrestrial civilization is responsible for the ETI/ETs contact so far observed. It is likely that this represents a cooperative effort.
CSETI will attempt to cultivate bilateral ETI-human contact and relations which will serve peaceful, cooperative goals. It is NOT a goal of CSETI to acquire ET advanced technologies which may have a potential harmful or military application if disclosed prematurely.
There should be no drugs, alcohol, firearms or weapons at CE-5 Contact events.

CE-5 Training

From Dr. Greer – August 2016
It is so exciting to hear about all the CE-5 groups around the world. We are grateful to all the people who are taking the initiative to learn the protocols and go out under the stars.
There are a few things I would like to mention that have come up in emails to the website.
Please read carefully and note:
NO ONE is a certified or official CE-5 instructor. We have no process in place to do that. Certainly many people have been on CE-5 trainings with me. Some people have been on many, but they are still just interpreting the protocols themselves just like anyone else.
We have no full time staff and no way to certify people or monitor what they are saying or doing.
3. We have very few OFFICIAL outlets. They are:
www.SiriusDisclosure.com – website
SiriusDisclosure – facebook page
#DrStevenGreer – twitter
www.youtube.com/SDisclosure – youtube
www.vimeo.com/SiriusDisclosure – vimeo
Other outlets may feature CSETI or Disclosure Project materials, but the ones listed above are the only ones that we monitor or have input to. It is all we have time for.
The phone apps and the Contact Training Program  are the best way to learn about making contact. (please see links on toolbar or go to your app store directly .)
I encourage you to meet together and go out under the stars together.  But you need to realize that everyone is filtering the material through his/ her own experience and knowledge base.
Thank you so much for your support.
Keep looking up!

Dr. Steven Greer

(Guest Writer)