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Celestial Dimension

8D: The Celestial Dimension.  This is the 8th dimension and correlates to the Third Eye or Brow Chakra that pertains to mastery of self , spiritual energy, intuition, wisdom, and keen perception. Although the Celestial Dimension is far in spacial proximity to the physical than the lower dimensions it maintains a very close supersymmetric connection with the Astral and Physical dimensions. The Celestial body is utilized to traverse this dimension and, within its function allows you the ability for spiritual discernment, to desire oneness with the universe, to visualize beyond, telepathy, telekinesis and other higher psychic ability and perception.

The Celestial is like the bridge dimension between the spirit dimensions and time-space. In terms of navigation it is a visually perceived as a higher energy dimension. Unlike the Astral Dimension, the Celestial appears as though it is made of pure energy. Perception of this dimension is proportional to the frequency of your realm of birth. The planes in this dimension are composed of different levels of textured energy. The beings, landscapes and structures are all energy based in appearance. Your encoded frequency will determine how energy is perceived here. Some people may perceive the energy as opalescent energy. Some may perceive laser like energy. Some may perceive a shimmery type of energy, some more pastel like energy.

However it is  perceived by an individual  it will not appear physical in anyway. At this level of awareness, an individuals celestial body, will allow them to see, hear, taste, smell and feel as if it is real, the forms will appear structurally familiar, similar to a cartoon or virtual reality version the Astral or Physical. Comparable to animated tv shows and movies.

There are countless textural types utilized in media animation. For example Clay Animation, Sillouette Animation, Graphic Animation and so on. This is how the different levels of energy can be described in texture in the Celestial Dimension. The Planes Represent different textures. Depending on your encoded frequency you will see what is within your current capacity to see. This dimension should only be generalized, as each frequency is specific, and to describe the exact textures I personally experience would be to influence too greatly what people expect to see. So, to conclude, this is a dimension of pure energy, and it should be fairly simple enough to discern this dimension from others.