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Dr Richard Boylan

Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor (emeritus), retired clinical hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher.

Dr. Boylan is a specialized consultant to Star Kids and Star Seed adults seeking to better understand their full origin, star heritage, identity and mission. He provides education so that Star Kids and Star Seed adults can achieve inner growth, spiritual development, and better understand their future path.
His career has spanned five decades of service as a psychologist, hypnotherapist, social worker, clergyman (retired), educator, and space-civilizations anthropologist. Dr. Boylan has taught as a Lecturer at California State University Sacramento and the University of California, Davis, and was a Professor at National University.

Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted research into human encounters with the Star Visitors and provided consultation to experiencers. This has led to his creating the Star Kids Project to work with these genetically-upgraded youngsters with advanced abilities and characteristics and with their families.

He has presented papers on his research at the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference, the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at Washington, DC, and other conferences.
He is author of five books, Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey To the Stars (1996), Project Epiphany (1997), Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation (2005), and The Human-Star Nations Connection (2012). He has over 50 articles published.

Dr. Boylan is President of the Star Kids Project which provides educational and training programs for Star Kids and Star Seed adults.

He has conducted several workshops for mental health professionals on specialized counseling for experiencers of Star Visitor contact.

He has lectured widely at regional and national conferences, and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including twice on NBC's Sightings, on Paramount Television Network's Paranormal Borderline, three times on Art Bell's Dreamland program, and as many times on George Noory’s Coast To Coast AM program.