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Extraterrestrial Species

The Annunaki:

The Annunaki were a race that found and colonized Earth between 400,000 and 4,000 BC. They are the progenitors of the Human Race and have a lifespan of 432,000 years. Expert in genetic engineering, they experimented with the genes of Homo Erectus and their own genetic material to produce a pliable species in Neanderthal to serve in mining and menial duties.

Also mating Annunaki DNA with Neanderthal with the retention of dominant Annunaki Genes to produce the Modern Human race. This Gene is dominant in Blood Type O RH Negative, The universal or original blood type of the Annunaki. The mutations A, B, AB and RH Positive are a result of the engineering between the Neanderthal and Homo Floresiensis (Pigmy) Variations with Dominant retention of the Mitochondrial DNA of the Annunaki. Yet due do the hybridization of the gene and a genetic blocker inserted into the Human Gene pool, we retained only a fraction of their lifespans.
Many of the Annunaki were described in Ancient Mesopotamia as being physically perfect and beautiful.

The word Annunaki originates in the Mesopotamian Sumer meaning:
An - Sky, Heaven, Expanse of Space
Nu - Image, Likeness
Na - Human Beings
Ki - Earth
The extended descriptive translation being: Those from the sky who are the image and likeness of human beings on Earth.

They colonised Earth for the purpose of mining Gold to produce Aurichalcum (Orichalcum) and a main component of their technology - An extremely hard metal made from a combination of Gold  (Au), Chalcedony (Chalc) and a substance called Bdellium (Um) which was used as a binding agent between the Gold and Chalcony Onyx Crystal. Historical texts are still under research to define the component 'Ri' in the composition of Aurichalcum. They first occupied Atlantis where Gold and Chalcedony was abundant, and after the destruction of Atlantis set up outposts in Lemuria (a large island that previously existed off the coast of Japan/Taiwan in the pacific) Mesopotamia, Egypt and Central America - where Gold was also plentiful resource to be mined.

The Annunaki have many colonies across the Galaxy. Our planet is only one of many, but abandoned by the Annunaki when the resources that they required were thinning and the majority of the population of humans were beginning to evolve too independently and became rebellious. They have associations with Reptillians, Draconians, Nommos, Draconagarians, Amphibians, Nagarians, Ikelines, Scorpiones, Falconians, Felines, Lycans, Lahmu and the list goes on.

The Lycan, Scorpione, Ikeline, Nommos, Nagarians, Reptillians, Lahmu races etc were a product of engineering by the Draconagarian Queen Tiamat.

The Annunaki are said to have evolved in the same area of the galaxy that the Draco-Reptillian species evolved in, being a later sentience to evolve after Draconagarian evolution, They were essentially human though they are a much more advanced state of human evolution with extremely long lifespans. After a severe dispute between the many races, many factions split off from each other. After the dispute was concluded in favour of the Annunaki, many of the factions that were on the opposing side were convinced or subjugated to join the Annunaki cause after the defeat of the Draconagarian Queen Mother. Many of those who opposed the Annunaki were taken captive and forced to serve. The Apkallu or teachers of mankind during Annunaki occupation on Earth were a group composed of many of the above mentioned, mainly Nommos, Amphibians and some Draconians. Many of the Scorpiones, Lycans and Ikelines remained in a troop or guard capacity to the Annunaki.

The Annunaki themselves are the direct genetic Ancestors of the human race. The modern human race were not exactly engineered, we were born from a product of certain couplings between Annunaki and Neanderthal. Human genetics may have certain Neanderthal, Homo Floresiensis and Rhesus mutations, but essentially at the mitochondrial core Humans are all Annunaki.


Similar to humans with white eyes, they are a warrior like race with advanced telepathic and psychic ability. They are a proud race with seemingly strict moral standards in certain areas. Physical and Mental Development is taken very seriously, and they are known for Multidimensional Capabilities.

Their social mentality seems very strict, however much more advanced intellectually as well as psychically. Like humans their race is a mixture of fair to dark coloured skin people. They are further ahead in technological advancement than humans however culturally similar to the dark ages where knights and ancient soldiers were dominant.

They are quite easy to offend so caution is advised when communicating with them and anything resembling a joke “must” be established, especially with the Males, as they are generally a no nonesense type. They do not favour weakness in others so those who intend to communicate with them must be always standfast and strong, as a warrior. It may take time for them to form friendships with others outside of their race, but when friendships are formed they are extremely valued and long term, and their gentler sides are expressed.


Humanoid with phosphoric green skin. There is a chemical luminescent shimmer about their bodies, or in other words they “Glow”. It is a little difficult for the untrained eye to discern immediately whether they are male or female, and of course they themselves seemingly mask their gender when they appear, as they prefer to wear no clothing, however in order for other less evolved races to feel comfortable in their presence they seem to mask genetalia.

The majority of highly evolved races will wear no clothing on the body as this is considered primitive and a sign of shame (A negative trait) which cultures at this level of evolution have eliminated in their society along with other fear based traits. They have 5th dimensional technology as well as physical bodies with the capability to shift in and out of 5D at will.


Residing on the moon of a Gas Giant Planet in the Star System of Taygeta in the Pleiades – Taurus Constellation, they are extra-terrestrials that are an extremely highly evolved advanced physical -human race.  They are highly evolved telepathics, telekinetics, empaths in addition to other psychic abilities and are capable of teleportation, muldimensionalism, star travel in the 3rd and 5th dimensions. Even when physical they reside very closely with the Spiritual and higher dimensions.

They are a race that predominantly wear no clothes except under certain conditions when clothes are required or when communicating with clothed races, in this case they usually wear plain white dresses or robes or in other cases plain brown loin cloths. They are extremely advanced technologically however nature is more valued than technology and they live as close to nature as possible and in small communities with very few buildings, sleeping under the stars is common however tent like structures are often scattered around the community for sleeping in harsher weather conditions. Elders raise and teach children rather than the birth parents as it is deemed necessary for an individual to have defined themselves before teaching another to define themselves. They have extremely long distance projective consciousness and are capable of direct mental communication from one star system to another.


A giant like race, human in appearance with predominantly red hair and fair skin. Their most prominent psychic attribute among the many they possess is their Multidimensional abilities. They shift often between the higher dimensions and the physical, applying no apparent special distinction between the planes and dimensions.

They are incredibly strong telepathically, empathically and other psychic abilities as well as reality projection. They have an adversity to cooked food and prefer food raw. They stand between 9-12ft in height and have been known for frequent visits to certain human cultures for many millenia. They maintained a strong open presence during the time of Atlantis and were often the teachers of Multidimensional Travel. After the fall of Atlantis their presence became less open and their advanced teachings withheld from the post atlantean human population.


A Bi-Genetic Lyran Race or more specifically a race that is subject to Bi-Genetic Translocation of two separate genes, from human to large cat or large cat to human. The large cats in question range from Lions to Tigers to Panthers and Leopards. At their current stage in evolutionary development they still wear clothes similar to those worn by contemporary humans in their own fashions.

They hold socialising in high regard and young adults in their society are provided, instead of arcades and shopping centres, but with resort like venues for socializing with each other. Sex is very open, healthy and encouraged in their society so often venues are provided with rooms for extracurricular purposes. Technology is approximately 100 years ahead of Earth, with the technological ability of mechanical di-transformation displacement, or changing one form of vehicle to another, for example a train to a plane. The moon of their planet is also utilised for habitual purposes and transport between the planet and moon is frequent and open to the public.


A Lyran race that is elvish in appearance, having a strong affinity with the nature of a given planet, they have a tendency toward nature magic or energy work, demonstrating great capacity in this area of psychic ability. A cautious people, it often takes time to gain their trust.

They have strong directives and principles and practice within a specific heirachy, and those within their society that are especially talented in specific areas often excel in the heirachy’s structure above others. Although their race is of great intellect and talent they are known to hunger for further knowledge. They are known for their artistic talents and great architechture. They prefer peace but will defend themselves from outside attack if necessary.


Also known as the Elohim, they are a Lyran race of people human in appearance with large eagle like wings. Very much akin to the Earth depictions of Angels.

They have advanced technology and seem militic minded and serious people. An offensive attempt was made by this race some 100,000 years BCE on Earth but failed to advance due to interference by the Anakim who had strong presence amongst humans at the time.


They are an advanced civillization transcending into the 4th and 5th dimensions. They are extremely advanced in psychic development and often utilize 5th dimensional travel. They value science and spirituality in tandem and have a high respect for symmetry. Popularly known for spiritual and scientific crop circle messages they have been observing human civillization for quite some time.

The central belief system that sustains them is a philosophy of healing and compassion for the universe. Like the Pleiadians they are governed by their Elders in their society, and like most highly evolved societys, they wear no clothing and have elmininated fear based thinking.

Zeta Reticulans:

The Small Grey Alien race related to the roswell incident. The crashed alien ship was a advance scoutship that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. All four crewmembers onboard survived. The United States Government captured these aliens, cleaned up the site, and made a cover-up stating it was a weather balloon that crashed.

The government brought the crashed craft and its alien occupants into a military base now known as Area 51, for research of the containing technology and interrogation. The aliens sent a radio wave signal for help out into space and a few months later the Zetans showed up at Area 51 and offered to make the government a deal. The deal consisted of exchange of services. The government recieves technology to explore, and the Zetans build underground bases on Earth.


The Draconians are a very large reptilian race, otherwise known as “the Dracs”. There is royal line of the reptilian race called the Ciakar. They range from 14 to 22 feet tall and can weigh up to 1,800 pounds and have winged appendages. They are clairvoyant and extremely clever.

They were apparently forwarded to our time and space, our universe, in full physicality, and dumped here by unknown persons. They were taken to Alpha Draconis because the nature of that place gave them the best chance of survival, as they were evicted from their last planetary residence. Draconians are for the most part Service-to-Self and do not care for the human race, because when they were dumped here they were informed that this universe was to be theirs to command. They were one of the earlier races to chart our solar system, and apparently were the first race to state that our solar system belonged to them.


The  Reptilian or Reptoids are similar in size to modern humans though snake  like or lizard in appearance. Said to be  highly advanced entities however with negative, hostile dispositions as they regard humans as an inferior race. They are said to perceive humans in the same the way humans would perceive a herd of cattle. Information about these extraterrestrials vary from source to source.

 Apparently they consider Earth as their ancient outpost and want to have complete control over it. What distinguishes these “Reptilian” extraterrestrials  is their appearance in which they have small, fine scales for skin, their face has human yellowish green eyes with an  oval shape, and the area of the nose is flattened and snout like.


Sirians are a blue skinned humanoid race.

 During many of the Egyptian dynasties it was quite common to have a visitation from a Sirian in the disguise of one of their Gods. Sirius was one of the first areas to be colonized by beings from the Lyran Star group and is more advanced in a metaphysical sense.”

Sirius is one of the most brilliant stars that is observable in the night sky. In thinking of Sirius, then we must think of them in terms of being a group consciousness of both physical and non physicality.


The Carians are a race of birdlike Beings.  At their most evolved state, the ruling class of the Carians resemble humans with eagle-like features. They were given a  planet in the Orion constellation for their home.  It was more tropical in design and featured an abundance of humid swamps and jungles.  It also had more islands than large land masses.
They were etheric and, therefore, had to develop physical bodies from the life forms evolving on the planet’s surface.  Of course they chose the life form that would become the bird and over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, they developed bodies of varying colors and sizes.

When their physical vehicles had reached a certain level of development, they began genetic crossing (something they had learned from the Felines) with certain reptiles that had evolved in the swamps and warmer regions of the planet.  The result of this genetic program was the creation of a new hybrid race known to us as the Draconians.  They were part Carian and part reptile. In time the Draconians became more abundant in the royal line of Aln than the purebred Carians.  Eventually the House of Aln would be peopled more by Draconians, and their first derivative the flying serpents (Snakes), than Carians.

The Carians are known for their sharp analytical abilities and organizational skills.  A predominant character trait of the Carians is their need to maintain a good appearance and image at all times.  They are good team players as long as the team structure involves discipline and strictly adhered to codes of conduct.


Evolving from dinosaurs Saurians have developed a bipedal stance as well as an obviously larger brain than their ancestors. Due to some unknown evolution (potentially from some form of psychic defense) they seem to be able to alter their form and either appear human (and likely in the forms of other species as well) as well as becoming invisible. They also possess a powerful corrosive fluid that can easily burn right through  human flesh, in a similar manner to, although it apparently is not an acid; Saurians themselves do not have a defense against this weapon, and it can kill them as well.

Before their downfall, they used a matriarchal society that was so important to them that if one were to drift away from the influence of their matriarch or a surrogate they would slowly lose sanity, thereby losing the ability to maintain an alternate form (a heavy indication that the evolution is in fact a mental ability projected into the minds of others).


This particular race is said to have a close association with the Greys. They are highly advanced scientists, and appear quite frequently to contactees around the world.

They are a non aggressive, highly telepathic species who have the ability to veil memory of events or their presence.

 Mantid's have been involved with abductions and interference with Human DNA since the Period of the Old Kingdom in Ancient Egypt.


Vegans are said to be descended from Lyran refugees, they are a peaceful gentle race who are closely associated with Pleiadians.

They are a Humanoid species large almond shaped eyes with dark pupil and iris and one lid, their blood is green and skin is dark.

Vega is the brightest star in the Lyra Constellation. The vegan race has also ventured into colonizing other star systems including Orion, Altair, Sirius and Centauri.


These are one of the earliest forms of the reptillian species, belonging to the family Draconaforme. Recorded in Mesopotamian sacred texts to be the form of Tiamat, the dragon-serpent described in the Enuma Elish, who is said to be the mother of all Draconians, Reptillians, Viperidae Humanoids, Satyrs, Lahmu's, Girtablilu, Nommos and Uannes-Amphibians. At a certain point in pre history when the Earth was still in its primordial stages the Draconagarians were once in alliance with the earliest of our annunaki ancestors, however an event occured which may have caused a division between the Draconagarians and our ancestors

Extremely advanced in genetic engineering, science and technology and very powerfully gifted.


A species that has also been seen in Association with Reptillian and Draconians via several abductees. Similar to the Saurians, they are a humanoid species with reptilian/ amphibian-like features and are semi-aquatic in nature.

In Ancient Sumer they were referred to as Apkallu, amphibious, half-human creatures, who were sent by Enki to live with the early human beings and teach them the arts and other aspects of civilization such as writing, law, temple and city building and agriculture.

They are thought to be also associated with the Nommos, and have been depicted in ancient sumerian art as working in conjunction. However the Apkallu, according to different depictions may have have been a group of several species working together, as Draconians were also portrayed in this group.


 A Merman Humanoid Species, the Nommos were extraterrestrial inhabitants of the Sirius star system who had traveled to earth at some point in history and is said to have imparted knowledge about the Sirius star system as well as the Solar System upon the Dogon tribes of Africa.

It is also believed that the Nommos had contact with the people of Ancient Mesopotamia, Sumer and Babylon and were one of the races of the Apkallu. They are teachers and observers,

Have been seen by contactees in association with Reptillian and Draconians in a benevolent sense.


This species is generally known on Earth as Griffons, although knowledge of them first appeared on Earth in Ancient Sumer, Babylon, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Persia during a mecca period of Extraterrestrial Contact.

They are said to be fearsome beings with a mixture of several genotypes from different species ranging from Feline, Eagle and Reptillian/Humanoid.

A species that may be a product of engineering by an earlier Draconaforme species.