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Highly Evolved Societies

Excerpts from Conversations with God An Uncommon Dialogue Series:

I believe this to be sacred spiritual material. I see now that this is true of the entire trilogy,
and that these books will be read and studied for decades, even for generations. Perhaps,
for centuries. Because, taken together, the trilogy covers an amazing range of topics, from
how to make relationships work to the nature of ultimate reality and the cosmology of the universe,
and includes observations on life, death, romance, marriage, sex, parenting, health,
education, economics, politics, spirituality and religion, life work and right livelihood, physics,
time, social mores and customs, the process of creation, our relationship with God, ecology,
crime and punishment, life in highly evolved societies of the cosmos, right and wrong, cultural
myths and cultural ethics, the soul, soul partners, the nature of genuine love, and the
way to glorious expression of the part of ourselves that knows Divinity as our natural
My prayer is that you will receive benefit from this work.
Blessed be.

Neale: So the main difference between our society and more highly evolved civilizations elsewhere in the universe is this idea we have of separation.

God: Yes. The first guiding principle of advanced civilization is unity. Acknowledgment of the Oneness, and the sacredness of all life. And so what we find in all elevated societies is that under no circumstances would one being willfully take the life of another of its own species against its will.

Neale: No circumstances?

God: None.

Neale: Even if it were being attacked?

God: Such a circumstance would not occur within that society or species.

Neale: Perhaps not within the species, but what about from without?

God: If a highly evolved species were attacked by another, it is a guarantee that the attacker would be the lesser evolved. Indeed, the attacker would be, essentially, a primitive being. For no evolved being would attack anyone.

Neale: I see.

God: The only reason a species under attack would kill another would be that the attacked being forgot Who It Really Is. If the first being thought it was its corporal body—its physical form—then it might kill its attacker, for it would fear the “end of its own life.” If, on the other hand, the first being understood full well that it was not its body, it would never end the corporal existence of another—for it would never have a reason to. It would simply lay down its own corporal body and move into the experience of its noncorporal self.

Neale: Like Obi Wan kenobi!

God: Well, exactly. The writers of what you call your "Science Fiction" are often leading you to greater truth.


God:  And so what I have said here is that the highly evolved beings of the universe would never “kill” another sentient being in anger. First they would not experience anger. Second, they would not end the corporal experience of any other being without that being’s permission. And third—to answer specifically your specific inquiry—they would never feel “attacked,” even from outside their own society or species, because to feel “attacked” you have to feel that someone is taking something from you—your life, your loved ones, your freedom, your property, or possessions— something. And a highly evolved being would never experience that, because a highly evolved being would simply give you whatever you thought you needed so badly that you were prepared to take it by force—even if it cost the evolved being its corporal life—because the evolved being knows she can create everything all over again. She would quite naturally give it all away to a lesser being who did not know this. Highly evolved beings are therefore not martyrs, nor are they victims of anyone's "despotism.“
Yet it goes beyond this. Not only is the highly evolved being clear that he can create everything all over again, he is also clear that he doesn’t have to. He is clear that he needed none of it to be happy, or to survive. He understands that he requires nothing exterior to himself, and that the "himself” which he is has nothing to do with anything physical. Lesser evolved beings and races are not always clear about this. Finally, the highly evolved being understands that she and her attackers are One. She sees the attackers as a wounded part of her Self. Her function in that circumstance is to heal all wounds, so that the All In One can again know itself as it really is. Giving away all that she has would be like giving yourself an aspirin.

Conversations with God Book 3 - Neale Donald Walsch