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Matrix Dimension

7D: The Matrix Dimension. This is the 7th dimension and is also known as the Mental Dimension, is the last dimension of time-space. Its corresponding energy center is the Throat Chakra which governs sound, communication and self expression. In order to traverse this dimension we utilize our Mental Body which facilitates cognition and the faculty of knowing. It enables you to discern, have thoughts, concepts, and higher psychic abilities.

The Matrix permeates the entire universe and facilitates creation by thought, belief and what is conceptualized. All within the universe are in a state of constant co-creation via thoughts, fears, beliefs, ideas, choice etc. which are processed and made manifest through the Matrix of the Universe.

All thought is energy, it vibrates at various harmonics and speeds proportional to the nature of the thought conceived. The vibration of this energy is absorbed into the matrix, interpreted and made manifest according to the parameters determined by certain variables ie. Strength behind the energy, How often the same energy is emitted, Whether the energy is negative or positive, Level of awareness of the energy’s initiator etc. These variables are factored into the Matrix Processor which in turn facilitates manifestation of whatever the original thought has called forth.

When an individual is excessively focused within separate or limiting modes of thought then this actuates judgment, mental fear, and depression. When thought expands into the more unitive ranges then there is compassionate understanding, peace, joy, awe, and bliss. As we become more aware that thought is made manifest we can effectively monitor our thought patterns. Engaging higher thought will create higher manifestations of experience.

An individual is awakened at this level they can perceive harmonics and oscillating frequencies of vibrating particles relating to thought and its corresponding state of consciousness which is interpreted and processed from this dimension. Similar to the reception, transduction and transmission model used in sensory perception. All thought produces a specific vibrational frequency which is interpreted by the matrix, and in turn produces reality in the lower dimensions according to what is absorbed, assessed and determined by the matrix processes. At this level an individual has the ability to perceive Matrix or thought energy.

In terms of navigation, this dimension is primarily sound dominant. It does not necessarily negate the ability to use the other senses, It is just that sound or harmonics of vibration are at the forefront. Thought energy is easily determined by the harmonics and speed emitted by the vibration, which when perceived can be translated and interpreted into images and meaning by individuals who have progressed in mental mastery. Perception will of course vary, and will depend on your individual mental construct, which can be all manner of possibilities reliant on your level of consciousness.

Thought energy processed into the matrix will create a specific outcome that will reflect in lower dimensional reality. A master at this matrix level awareness will connect with the matrix at a faster capacity than an individual who is not at this level, thereby creating and manifesting reality almost instantaneously. Students of mastery who enter this level of awareness will create and manifest reality in the lower dimensions at a much faster capacity than those who are not. For example they may think of a specifc outcome and it may take between thirty minutes to a couple of weeks to manifest in the physical dimension.

This makes it extremely important for students of mastery learn to control thought, because unlike those yet to reach this level, they often do not get the chance to change their minds before manifestation takes place, and if the thought energy is negative, then a negative outcome is generally produced. Individuals outside of matrix awareness have ample time to change their minds and can therefore avoid certain manifestations occurring, however Masters and Students of Mastery (those awakened at this level) have no such luxury.