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Starseed Missions 101

Anchors: Keepers of Higher Consciousness

Anchors are here to seed the earth with the energies of their extraterrestrial host races. The majority of Starseeds will in some way contribute to the seeding of human consciousness, however Primary Anchors are of the Rainbow consciousness, awakened multidimensionally and/or are in contact in some form with their Extraterrestrial counterparts, hence they are Keepers of Higher Consciousness, and through this link will seed the planet with higher frequency 9th dimensional energies and consciousness. This will contribute to raising the collective frequency of Earth Consciousness. By introducing higher frequencies into Earths Collective it provides the opportunity for Earthbound Humans to absorb these higher frequencies through the seeding process that Starseed Anchors provide. They are currently Rainbow scouts but eventually the rainbow wave of millenial children will continue this mission.

Acode Activators

Like Anchors, the majority of starseeds are in some way ACODE Activators, however their are Starseeds who are Primary Activators and are especially gifted in the art of reawakening. They are also gifted in coaching those that are in the process of awakening, towards Activating awakening in others themselves. Primary Acode Activators will generally have an innate acceptance of reality and it’s possibilities. They would generally be characterized as those who experience a rapid ascension and awakening to higher consciousness and realms. When awakening is complete, and this happens within a very short span of time for these individuals, they will have the ability to affect dramatic changes in the consciousness of others. Prolonged proximity to Primary Activators will often cause a dramatic shift in an individuals perceived reality as well as a shift in awareness.

Primary Acode Activators have an almost unique ability to strip themselves of mundane systems and conventions overnight. They are singularly able to explode into full presence and assume their ascendency in the same fashion. In this they are expert in the discernment and analysis of dysfunction and will often demonstrate a rare capacity to aid in dismantling this dysfunction in others. Currently Crystal and Rainbow scouts, with eventual continuation by the Millenial Children.

Celestial Healers

Celestial Healers are not commonly found among the established medical profession. They are not only naturally gifted in various healing techniques, they also have a singular natural ability in dealing with the energies and processes involved in transmutation and genetic activation.

DNA Activation and Transmutation is currently beyond the scope and ken of the current medical profession and treatment capacity, which is fortunate for those who are currently involved in the process. As this prevents any possibility of hinderance of the process from a medical profession that would likely misconstrue the symptoms of Activation as an illness and try to eliminate the symptoms through conventional medicine. They are renowned for such acts of ignorance as they have already previously demonstrated in their diagnosis of schizophrenia, psychosis and Bi-Polar disorder. Many who they deem to apparently suffer from these disorders were actually undergoing a Spiritual Ascension and suffering the symptoms of Spiritual Ascension much the same as the symptoms pertaining to Physical Ascension or more commonly known as Transmutation and DNA Activation.

If difficulty with symptoms occurs during the processes of either spiritual and/or physical ascension, Clelestial Healers have the innate knowledge to aid others through this. Their primary function is to assist the planetary ascension process. They are sent in to help Earth and it’s inhabitants through the trauma and pain that may accompany such a magnitude of spiritual awakening. They are specialists in the transmutative procedure and are equipped to handle all the psychic, emotional, and physical complications the emergence of a new life can entail.

Interdimensional Scientists

These particular Starseeds are specialists in multidimensional science and technologies. They are often masters of transmutation, high-frequency vibrational medicine, multidimensional science, navigation and technology, and dysfunctional disarmament. These Interdimensional Scientists and Engineers are here to bring these and other technologies onto this third dimensional plane to facilitate the physical and spiritual alteration that is currently in process. They are not commonly found amongst the general Science or Engineering professions.
Interdimesional Science Engineers develop theory, practice and design using the creative method rather than the empirical methodologies used by mainstream Science and engineering. Interdimensional Scientists are extremely gifted in the creation process and will see possibilities where others see limitations. Limitation is in fact a concept that is rarely conceived of where Inderdimensional Science Engineers are concerned. They are here to usher the frontier of creation on Earth and the inevitable entry into Space. Interdimensional scientists are aware that interstellar travel lies not within technology but in mastering the creation process. This mastery will lead Earths inhabitants out of their long endured state of forgetfulness and expand awareness. And, as a result, will also lead them out of their solar system, their galaxy, and their dimension.

Interdimensional Scientists are here to open technologies that are yet to be even conceived. The technologies they introduce will be more aligned with spirit in terms of aiding to create balance rather than the destruction or waste that is inherent in the majority of current technologies developed on this planet today.

Cosmic Code Breakers

Cosmic Code Breakers are able to transmit vital interdimensional information to cultures that surround them while bypassing those cultures’ linear minds and modes. These Cosmic Code Breakers have the innate ability to hack directly into the collective consciousness of a given race and exhibit a direct influence on the collective creative processes generated by the collective mind. They will often have the ability to perceive consciousness in its individual or collective state, and will maintain strict guidelines where hacking and linking into the collective is concerned. Collective consciousness has certain protections that it generates in its Collective field and will not abide any chicanery from Cosmic Hackers. So linking sessions must be taken seriously or code breakers risk being tossed from the collective by the collective’s inbuilt protections.

These individuals will often demonstrate gifts in communicating in various languages of either the spoken or coded persuasion, in addition to their natural talent for deciphering written languages and codes. Cosmic Code Breakers will have a direct and constant link to higher dimensions and their ability to download information from these dimensions will be almost singular in its capacity. Although many Starseeds will have the ability to link to consciousness at a certain level as this ability is related to seeding, only a select few will currently have the specifically developed ability to link as Cosmic Code Breakers in such a large capacity.

I will stop here on the subject of Cosmic Code Breakers as I have probably spilled far too much information regarding this particular Starseed Sub Group. A level of secrecy concerning these individuals must be maintained after all.


These Starseeds incarnate with the purpose of helping other incarnated souls on their journey by guiding these designated individuals towards alignment with their purpose. When an individual reaches a stage in their lives where they urgently strive for “higher knowledge”, their designated Guide may step forward to help them towards fulfilling their purpose and place them on the road to self discovery. Once the individual becomes advanced enough, they will be able to make their own personal connection with spirit.

Intergalactic Creditors

Starseeds of this mission are here to assist in dismantling the dysfunctionality of this world’s economic structure. These particular starseeds will be of the Indigo nature. They are artists in the use of plastic currency, unlimited credit, and the knowledge of finance. The basis of their mastery lies in their complete understanding of the plastic nature of reality itself. They are not confused by form; they create it. They understand that their attention and focus are the foundation of the reality they create; therefore, they specialize in withdrawing their consciousness from dysfunctionality and placing it on spiritual truth instead. As a result of their efforts, they have enabled the opportunity to present the planetary inhabitants with a viable economic recovery program. This program entails realigning this planet with the system of divine economics that the majority of the universe currently enjoys. The activity of the Intergalactic Creditors will assist in the planetary realization that no life needs to earn the right to live. This is not a statement of economic heresy; it is a statement of liberation based on truth. Once the human population has received its cure of this, survival will crumble, and unending abundance will flourish in its place. A blank cheque is now being extended to the entire human species by the Intergalactic Creditors and they are here to approve unlimited human credit.

Planetary Guardians

These Starseeds specialize in the reacquisition of planetary land to direct and enhance living conditions. As the Planetary Guardians take over, many of the current land owners will be subject to a change in their title status. This takeover does not imply that the Third World is about to invade your countries and occupy your shopping malls. It means that survival is over. The old world’s systems are in collapse. Those who wish to continue in those systems will be graciously asked to leave, because their motivator, fear, is being relocated to another planet where its subdivisions are still welcome. The Planetary Guardians have already placed this planet on an Interdimensional Multiple Listing for recolonization by the Forces of Light. The Guardians are present on this plane to see that this planet’s personal property frenzy comes to its natural end and that the illusion of planetary ownership is replaced by the legacy of planetary stewardship. That is the birthright that was intended. That is the heritage that will result in true equality and abundance an this precious planet. Light is the rightful inheritor of the Earth, and the guardians are here to assure this outcome.

Planetary guardians will generally be gifted in manipulating or communing with the planetary energies of nature. Their bond with the forces of nature will be strong and they will have an almost unique understanding of the land and all it encompasses. They will have an extremely acute sensitivity to the land, it’s forests and many other natural facilities and their needs. They understand what it means to be true stewards of the land.


These are the starseeds who actively work to change earth by building new structures in various areas of society; not by fighting against the old system, but simply by creating new, alternative and more enlightened organizations, groups, systems, ways of doing things… They have a strong vision of how certain things could be improved or what needs to be created, and they set about doing this with determination and conviction.

Cosmic Analysts

Cosmic Analysts specialize in the IT division. These members are experts in the art of interdimensional interfacing. They are this mission’s Cosmic Computer Jocks, and they have the capacity to act as the very linkage between the dimensions. This division specializes in the translation of third-dimensional binary computer language into a fifth-dimensional unary linguistic system. Although any IT expert on this planet will tell you that such a translation is not possible, what they actually mean to say is that they could not do it. That is why they are not being asked to. We have sent in our own specialists instead. Another aspect of this division’s task is to bring new software to this plane with programs that no one here has dreamed possible. These programs are fifth-dimensionally designed and apply to every aspect of the transmutational process. Not only can they unscramble existing confusing and dysfunctional programs, but they can also realign them with our database which will automatically reprogram them back into light. This Starseed IT team is here to disseminate new software throughout the planetary sphere in preparation for the final dimensional link-up. Their very bodies are the silicon chips of our computer matrix, and their presence is the keyboard of our system.

Unlike the Science engineers and Healers, Cosmic Analysts will generally be found to frequent the world of third dimensional programmers, developers and analysts, as their logical and analytical nature will drive them towards involvement in this area.

Intergalactic Light Warriors

The Light Warrior is a warrior of the Spirit, and every member of this mission is a Light Warrior to some degree. The intergalactic and interdimensional forces have gathered on this planet at this time to liberate her in the name of Spirit.

Lightwarriors are protectors and guardians. They often take an active role, preferring to put their own personal energy towards defense and seeking the truth. They do not necessarily revel in violence. But certainly enjoy the opportunity to use their skills and abilities in defense of truth, justice, and the Light. Lightwarriors are willing to step in, to put themselves as a wall between those who would live peacefully in the light, and those who would destroy all those who dwell in the light.

​Lightwarriors are often individuals that prefer to discuss all sides of an issue, which can often be received with less popularity by other fellow Starseeds as they can be perceived as the voice of dissent. This is a function of their role, not dissent of course but to see all sides of a story. They are the balancers, and defenders. In some instances this means they have to play devil’s advocate and say things the others may dislike.


A small percentage of starseeds seems to be here simply to observe what is going on here on earth at this important time in its history.
This could be either because their home planet wants more information about what is going on, or to record the development, progression and changes that are occurring around the world.

Light Workers

Light workers are here to aid the healing of fear in the world, to bring peace to the people around them.  They radiate this energy around them. Attract those who are in need of peace within themselves. Send loving energy out into the world and are very sentive to emotion. Are extremely Empathic or Clairsentient. They resonate well with the higher frequencies of energy.


An Incarnation (descent into matter) of a divine principle as an entity who thereby embodies and enacts this principle at a given point in a particular cosmic cycle in order to establish a new standard of behavior and perception of universal order.