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Starseed Origins

I’m sure everybody is familiar with the overall goals of the Starseeds and their missions. To cut a long story short, Starseeds are here to seed the planet with higher frequencies, help earth ascend to higher dimensions and aid in the awakening of the human race etc.

Let’s focus on this awakening for a moment. In case of myself, I achieved an awakening at the start of the millenium in the year 2000. A rapid kundalini awakening, which resulted in me achieving multidimensionalism to the  9th dimensionw, an attribute of a Rainbow scout. So basically when rainbow scouts awaken they see and experience dimensions while awake and can chop and change and traverse the dimensions at will while still occupying the physical plane. I’ve noticed the general consensus for the majority here is to try to achieve at least 5th dimensional awareness, so basically etheric and astral awareness
The focus is for all our starseeds to awaken in order to help the rest of earth awaken to its potential. There’s information everywhere these days where our good Starseed workers are promoting awakening and multidimensionalism etc. Letting people know who they are and that they are here to help seed the world with their higher consciousness. We as Starseeds are here to help deliver the citizens of Earth out of their 3 dimensional rut, because we as Starseeds have transcended the third dimension. All the highly evolved races around the galaxy have long since achieved multidimensionalism and we are here to help earth achieve this too.

But what does it mean to be a multidimensional being? Obviously those awakened to higher dimensions have realized themselves to a level that surpasses the 3rd dimension. They see the 3rd dimension as it really is, physical, temporary and changing, an experience plane, but more importantly the highly evolved beings of the universe do not view this temporary physical plane as a place of our origin. We merely use this plane to incarnate and experience. We later strip our physical bodies and return to the higher dimensions. Most starseeds are aware of the main agenda, and many have turned towards the path of multidimensionalism as part of their awakening journey, and are trying to encourage humankind towards the same.

And this is fabulous of course! However, at the end of the day we starseeds are promoting spiritual awakening to our human brothers and sisters while at the same time clinging to the idea that we originate on different planets in the physical universe. Originate on a planet? Divine beings originate from a place in the physical universe? I mean yes we are starseed emissaries from different races that incarnate on certain planets, but we don’t actually originate from these physical planets. The physical universe is a construct of experience we don’t have any divine origins here.

We may frequently incarnate on one particular planet but that doesn’t make this planet our origin. Our origins lay in our Spiritual realms. There are so many spiritual realms it’s just not funny. Most extraterrestrial spirit realms will have quite a few different races of different appearance in them. And I’m speaking from personal experience with the planes themselves. Unlike the human spiritual realm that contains only human spirits and earth animals etc.. a Starseed Spiritual plane can have anywhere between 1-100 different races give or take. Not that it matters what your appearance is there because your spiritual realm is your home and everyone in it your brothers and sisters. There’s thousands of spiritual planes. Each with their own vibrational frequency, which is encoded in each of us. This is why you get different clairvoyants describing the spiritual planes differently. Some experience crystal realms, laser energy realms, fairy realms, basically many people describe the realms differently, because they literally are different. The frequencies and textures of the spiritual realms are different. And we are all encoded to the realm of our birth, where we incarnated from. So when we awaken, we awaken to the spiritual plane that we are encoded to and born from. This frequency encoding affects our experiences on all dimensions. If starseeds become clairvoyant they will see ET spirits from their realm because the human spiritual realms and beings are not within our spiritual frequency, therefore human spirits are outside of our visual frequency. Although the human realms are reachable through certain vortex’s, they are usually left alone in their isolation from the rest of the ET beings floating around the other spiritual planes because there are certain prime directives to uphold.

I’m affiliated with many races in the spirit realm of my birth, and most of my mission directives come directly from the ET’s spirit beings inside the spirit dimensions. And if I’ve learned anything while living with them, it’s that our origins are from these realms, our ET family occupy these realms and call these realms home. They don’t tie themselves with incarnating with one race, they can chop and change when they like. They may have a network of planets of preference however they don’t limit themselves to these places and planets. Look at us, we’re an ideal example of this. I’m not nitpicking or anything just trying to remind those who have forgotten that there is more to our origins as starseeds than a simple planet. Focussing on the third dimensional planets that our host races incarnate on instead of the spiritual realms that our host races are born from kind of defeats the purpose of the ideals we are trying to promote.

How can we teach others of spiritual awakening to their divine selves, awareness, and ascension out of the physical third dimension to higher dimensions, when many of us are still focused on the physical planets that host the races we are emissary to? Should we not lead by example and show that we identify with our divine selves and not some physical aspect on a planet halfway across the galaxy?