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Starseed Test

Starseeds are usually characterized as sensitive, intuitive, knowing and often have difficulty fitting in. They instinctively know there is more to life than what has been previously circulated.

Each bringing forth unique energy frequencies, gifts, awareness to seed into human consciousness. They will often experience a difficulty in life, some major that they will evidently overcome, and in this provide avenues for solutions or healing to many sociological difficulties or traumas.

The following questionnaire outlines some of the main characteristics surrounding a Starseed, and can help you determine whether you fit the profile using the score attained at the end of the questionnaire.

The Starseed Test

There are 100 Questions in the following Quiz

No Yes   1) Growing up you had a larger than average head for your age and height, especially in the front or top of the head?
No Yes   2) Do You have a higher or lower body temperature than normal?
No Yes   3) Was your birth was notable for there being a strange presence or figure in the delivery room. or a luminescent aura around you?
No Yes   4) Did you begin saying a number of words clearly by six months of age (at least one year before the average talking age of 18 months?
No Yes   5) In general, do you have lower than average blood pressure?
No Yes   6) People noticed that you seem extremely mature for your age as a child, almost like an adult in a child’s body?
No Yes   7) Do you enjoy being alone?
No Yes   8) Were you an early walker ( before the average walking age of one year old.)?
No Yes   9) When the you first began speaking, you used phrases or whole sentences almost immediately, not just single words?
No Yes   10) Are you an avid reader?
No Yes   11) Do you have a more than average, negative reaction to humidity-heat?
No Yes   12) Do you feel you are different from those about you?
No Yes   13) Have you had doubts (especially, as a child) that you are not from Earth?
No Yes   14) Are you artistic/creative beyond normal?
No Yes   15) In childhood you sought out more advanced activities, being bored with and underchallenged by the games the other children your age wanted to play?
No Yes   16) Have you noted an unexplainable attraction to certain animals (ie Felines)?
No Yes   17) Have you experienced any dreams or past life experiences on other Planets, Galaxies or Space?
No Yes   18) As a child, did you have an imaginary friend or receive non corporeal visitations?
No Yes   19) Have you noted varying levels of "noise/ringing/buzzing" inside your head?
No Yes   20) You mentioned recalling your “other family” out among the stars, or expressed a longing to go back to your “real home” out in the cosmos"?
No Yes   21) Your gaze has always seemed unusually mature, penetrating and knowing even from childhood?
No Yes   22) Your entire childhood is notable for growing up very much faster physically and
intellectually than the other children the same age?
No Yes   23) Are you an "empath"?
No Yes   24) You have always been very sensitive, and put off by destructive, mean, cruel, violent, or wasteful behavior of others, and cannot understand why they are that way?
No Yes   25) Sometimes, when you go by a streetlight, the light goes out, particularly if you are emotionally charged?
No Yes   26) You have exhibited mental telepathy (Either with Corporeal (people) or non corporeal (interdimensional beings)?
No Yes   27) Do certain places create a strong sensitivity for you?
No Yes   28) Do you see coloured lights either when you close your eyes or when they're open (ie Millions of different coloured particle lights in the air, day or night)?
No Yes   29) Have you ever experienced deja vu with a place or person?
No Yes   30) Have you ever experienced dreaming, seeing visions, regression like experiences on alternate timelines?
No Yes   31) Do you have a blank space/or unusually high level of memory of your early childhood years?
No Yes   32) Do the stars hold a unique fascination for you?
No Yes   33) Have you experienced seeing a UFO with a person or group of people where (after the fact) you are the only one who remembers the experience?
No Yes   34) Do you enjoy being barefoot?
No Yes   35) Do certain stones/gems/crystals have a strong appeal to you?
No Yes   36) You have more than once foretold something in the future that later actually happens, or has a “Dream” which later comes true?
No Yes   37) You have made an object move by focused mental concentration effort, such as influencing a pinball game, a basketball shot, or a bowling ball’s direction?
No Yes   38) Do you have a fascination with ancient symbols?
No Yes   39) Can you mentally see something going on at a different location, or in the past, or in the future (clairvoyance/remote viewing)?
No Yes   40) Are you open (not totally accepting, open) to new ideas/concepts?
No Yes   41) You are drawn at an early age to a non-church natural spirituality which incorporates reverence for the Earth as a living organism/consciousness, the sacredness of life in all creatures great and small, and an awareness of the cosmic reach of life?
No Yes   42) Yet, have problems relating to orthodox theologies?
No Yes   43) You acquire new information spontaneously, apparently by mental “downloading”, either in awake-state awareness or by being shown things during sleep?
No Yes   44) Do you have awareness of receiving data/information from Extraterrestrials?
No Yes   45) Are you attracted to people with unusual eyes?
No Yes   46) Do you sense an impending moment of importance?
No Yes   47) Do you take special pleasure in owning/touching ancient objects?
No Yes   48) You are adept at cross-species communication, both knowing what an animal (e.g.., pet dog, a dolphin, etc.) is thinking, and communicating telepathically with that animal, and the animal responds to the silent communication?
No Yes   49) Do you sense a need to travel in space?
No Yes   50) Do you feel a compulsion to complete an unknown project?
No Yes   51) Do you sometimes know how things work, without prior knowledge?
No Yes   52) Do you have a cloaked/or-special memory of an event when you were about age 5?
No Yes   53) Do you have a special fascination for pyramids and ancient architechture?
No Yes   54) You “just know” something intuitively about a person, a place, or a situation, which then turns out correct?
No Yes   55) You affect certain electrical appliances repeatedly by your presence, (such as a TV changing channels, a radio turning on, a wristwatch not working any more, or a lamp turning on or off without touching it )?
No Yes   56) You have used mental thought to influence the behavior of another, and are effective at this silent influencing (e.g. a parent for a second dessert helping)?
No Yes   57) Do you have a special fascination for electrical storms?
No Yes   58) You report seeing Visitors that family and others cannot see, or see things out of the corner of the eye which disappear when stared directly at; (inter-dimensional viewing)?
No Yes   59) Do you have a special fascination for archaeology?
No Yes   60) You can see auras around other people or animals (quasi-visible energy fields, often visible with Kirlian photography)?
No Yes   61) You see or feel color, patterns or “textures” in those auras, which provide information about another’s health, emotional state, psychic attunement, etc?
No Yes   62) Does the word Pleiades resonate in your memory?
No Yes   63) Does the face on the cover of Strieber's books, Communion and Transformation, also resonate?
No Yes   64) Does the word Atlantis resonate with you or have you experienced past life regressions in Atlantis?
No Yes   65) Does the Egypt resonate with you or have you experienced past life regressions in Egypt?
No Yes   66) You are able to use psychic diagnosis (intuitive “seeing”, or passing a hand above the patient’s body) to correctly locate an area of illness, injury, or disease?
No Yes   67) Does the idea of the deity as female seem like an acceptable concept?
No Yes   68) You use internalized energy (psychic energy/prana/chi/cosmic force) and directs it outward to the place on another person’s/animal’s body that needs healing, and that person/animal very soon experiences improved health?
No Yes   69) You have made yourself “invisible”, either by relocating elsewhere by mental effort, or more commonly, by causing those around not to notice that the you are present. When you “turn it off”, others suddenly notice you?
No Yes   70) You have caused an object to relocate from one location to another without touching it [teleportation], or made it rise from the ground and move [telekenesis], solely by mental effort and intention?
No Yes   71) You have been observed at least once to self-levitate (rise several inches or more above the ground), whether intentionally or spontaneously?
No Yes   72) You have an unusually large bioelectromagnetic-photic field extending outward from their body, (e.g., over 3 feet [1 meter]), as measured by dowsing rods?
No Yes   73) Do you believe there has been alien contact in ancient times?
No Yes   74) (a) You have done exceptionally well in school, easily mastering subjects without much or any study, bored with the pace of instruction in most schools, and is comfortable in a learning environment well ahead of his age, (e.g., an elementary student taking high school classes, a high schooler doing college or graduate work, or a child bored in a Gifted School;)[or]
(b). You were misunderstood by the school system, mislabeled “Attention Deficit Disorder” or “Learning Disability” (because you were bored, under-challenged, or put off by the “normal”  learning pace); or mislabeled “Hyperactivity Disorder” (because of fidgetiness in the classroom out of boredom, or because of their thoughts directed to more challenging subjects, or because you were highly focused on a topic of interest and perseveres much longer than is considered “normal”); or mislabeled “Learning Disabled” (because you saw and pointed out the connections between the subject being taught and other subjects, (such as history-math-science-art connections) when the teacher only wants to hear about the one subject being taught.)?
No Yes   75) Do you sense the aliens have a positive purpose?
No Yes   76) Do you wish to make contact with an alien culture?
No Yes   77) You engage in actions, rituals or ceremonies of their own design which are intended to impart healing to a person, an animal, a plant, or a particular place on the Earth. = 1. [If the you have brought a completely-dead animal, plant, person, or ecological area back to life by such healing, then the score for this question?
No Yes   78) You have deliberately influenced time by causing an event, such as a road trip, to complete very rapidly (e.g., a 1-hour trip in ½ hour, without speeding up)?
No Yes   79) You have caused a lengthy event to occur in a brief time, by the clock; (e.g., in 15 minutes events stretch out so that everyone believes an hour had passed?
No Yes   80) Do you sense a need to find others of "your own kind"?
No Yes   81) You can tell when a future event, (e.g., an earthquake, car accident, a fire ), is going to happen, warn others about the event, which then occurs?
No Yes   82) Sometimes at night your consciousness/personality goes elsewhere, via out-of-body/astral travel), (even though the physical body remains in bed,) and returns later and reports experiences had elsewhere?
No Yes   83) During waking state you have traveled out-of-body to have experiences elsewhere. Those near you  merely note that you seemed “tuned out”. You later return with recollection of these experiences elsewhere?
No Yes   84) You have served at times as a communication channel for off-planet intelligences, and have some awareness of which Extraterrestrial is speaking through him/her?
No Yes   85) You report visits by (ET’s) growing up?
No Yes   86) Your parent(s) have had visits by the Extraterrestrials?
No Yes   87) You declare that the Extraterrestrials are family from an earlier existence?
No Yes   88) You have experienced at least one episode of sharing their mental space with a Extraterrestrial, who utilizes your mind and body for limited periods to experience life on Earth?
No Yes   89) You have demonstrated the capacity to summon one or more Extraterrestrials or their spacecraft (UFO) successfully, and they later show up as requested?
No Yes   90) You are obsessed or driven with a sense of special mission on Earth, even if that mission is not yet entirely clear to you at the present time?
No Yes   91) You have an unusually high level of mental memory, or muscle memory (the ability to perfect physical tasks ie. martial arts, dancing with very little repetitive training)?
No Yes   92) You react with an unusually intense positive recognition or emotion to realistic photos or drawings of Extraterrestrials in magazines, on television, or in a movie?
No Yes   93) Is the thought that you might contain genes from aliens seem positive?
No Yes   94) After the age of 6 you hardly ever get serious flus or other illnesses that sweep through their classroom or neighborhood [increased infectious resistance], and heals extremely rapidly from cuts, fractures, and other injuries, or, some Starseeds go the alternate path: are extremely sensitive to environmental contaminants, the sensitivity expressed as allergies, and have low digestive tolerance for certain substances (for instance, cannot tolerate dairy products, are mildly allergic to even whole-wheat products, and find meat-eating repulsive) , or develop disorders (labeled as “Asperger’s”, ot “Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity”) which suggest an incompatibility between their neurological wiring and the nervous system of regular Humans?
No Yes   95) You have, without any coaching, a natural affinity for correctly using crystals, energetic stones, or other power objects to amplify psi energy, e.g,for healing purposes?
No Yes   96) Do you sense that certain words contain memory triggers/energy?
No Yes   97) Do you like to test ideas & concepts?
No Yes   98) In looking at photos of Crop Symbols, did you sense a special message, that you should somehow know but cant quite put your finger on it?
No Yes   99) You have complained about wanting to “go home” elsewhere and feeling alienated from the coarseness of Earth society and typical human behaviors?
No Yes   100) You are strongly drawn to other Starseeds, and they, too are also strongly drawn to and feel an affinity with you?

The Following assessment is based on your answers provided

Your Assessment Based On Your Score

35 + ... May have a Starseed Ancestor
45 + ... You could be a Starseed
55 + ... Definately a Starseed
65 + ... Very Likely an ET Contactee
75 + ... Very Likely 5th Dimensional Awakened or Awakening
85 + ... Very Likely Multidimensional Awakened, Spiritually Awakened or Awakening