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Storm Before the Calm

The Storm before the Calm

Neale Donald Walsch


You will find it very beneficial to read this if you wish to become part of the Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, and the Evolution Revolution it has spawned as the spiritual activist project that Neale Donald Walsch is heading up for Humanity’s Team, a global organization that he founded. Says Neale:

“I invite people to join a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul, freeing humanity at last from the oppression of its belief in a vengeful, violent, and vindictive God, and releasing our species from a global doctrine that creates separation and vicious competition, replacing it, finally, with an ethos of unity and cooperation, understanding and compassion, generosity and love.”

Step One: Read the book The Storm Before the Calm. It may be purchased here. Or, you may read it for free online below, where it is published in its entirety.

Step Two: Begin co-authoring a New Cultural Story for our species by adding your commentary in the space underneath the final chapter of this book as posted below.  Share both this book and your contribution to our New Cultural Story with everyone in your Address Book and on your Facebook page. Ignite and encourage ongoing global conversations about what both you and Neale have written.

Step Three: Join the Evolution Revolution at www.EvolutionRevolution.net to become part of an on-the-ground spiritual activist movement seeking to place the messages of this book into the world.
Begin reading the book now by scrolling down this page…

Chapter One: Can we talk?

My dear, dear friends…my wonderful companions on this human journey…
I’m so glad that you’re here, and I hope that your answer to the question just above is yes, because it’s very important that you hear this: We’re experiencing something quite extraordinary on the earth right now. I’m going to give it a name here.
We are experiencing The Overhaul of Humanity.
This is not an exaggeration. This is reality. It is observable at every turn.
Yet here is something that is not so observable: Things are not as they seem.
And I think, before the world and its people get too far along this road, we all need to be aware of that.
We also need to be aware that there’s nothing to be afraid of in our future if we will all but play our role in creating it. And that role—the role we are being invited to play by Life Itself—is going to be very easy to play.
I have more that I want to share with you around all this. Let me give you a summary of everything I have come here to say:
* A major shift is occurring on our planet
* There is nothing to be afraid of if we all play our role in this shift
* Our role is easy to play, and it can actually be fun
* It involves having fabulous conversations revolving around seven simple questions
* The asking and answering of these questions can result in the creating of solutions to humanity’s biggest problems
* It is time for us to place before humanity a New Cultural Story, sending us in brand new directions in politics, economics, culture, education, relationships, work, marriage, sexuality, parenting, and every area of human endeavor; a manifesto created by all of us, working as co-authors.
* There are some exciting opening thoughts about what that document could contain that I think you should hear.
Oh, and I don’t want to talk with you just about “world conditions” or “the global situation” or “our planetary crisis.” As important as those topics are, I’m clear that the Overhaul of Humanity is overhauling each of us. One look at how much has changed in your life in the past three years will tell you that.
So I’d like to have some exchanges with you as well about easing any struggle or negativity that may be present in your own personal life.
Okay, there you have it. The whole agenda. Can we talk?


The Overhaul of Humanity is not a small thing. The words I’ve used to describe this phenomenon are dramatic because the event is dramatic.
It is going to involve (indeed, it is already involving) every aspect of our lives: our governance and politics, our economics and financial stability, our commerce and industry, our social conventions and constructions, our educational systems and approaches, our religions and beliefs, our customs and traditions—in fact, our entire Cultural Story.
We can participate in the Overhaul of Humanity or we can merely witness it—but we cannot stop it. Nor would we want to.
This can be the greatest thing that has happened to our species since our appearance on this planet. The years just ahead, and some of the trials and tribulations we’re going to see, can bring our planet to a new and wonderful place when the process is complete. And the process will be complete in a relatively short period of time.
And you can help bring about that completion if you choose to.

 You don’t have to simply read this
Life is inviting you to not have this be a book that you simply read. Life is inviting you to have this be an experience in which you participate. This is your opportunity to join me and others from around the world in the conversation that is being initiated here. You may do so at any time by simply stopping your reading, marking your place, then getting on the Internet and navigating to…
There, click on the icon labeled The Storm Before The Calm. Find and post any comment you wish at the numbered “Conversation” you’re currently reading. (You’ll notice that this book is not broken down into “Chapters,” but rather, into “Conversations.”)
At this special website there’s also a separate icon inviting you to post your ideas, your thoughts, your concepts, and your inspirations regarding the contents of Humanity’s New Cultural Story. It is for this purpose that you have come to this material.
If you are like many others, you have long been asking, “What can I do? How can I help to make things better?” This is an answer to that question.
The New Cultural Story co-created here by adding your insights and inspirations and heartfelt hopes and dreams for our world will be placed before humanity in a separate book: Our Collective Dream: A New Cultural Story for Humanity. This will be a book read around the world, and a book that you co-author.
So what you are reading now is not an ordinary text. This is your gateway to participation in what I am clear could very well be The Conversation of the Century. Your voice is valuable and needed in this exchange, in order that the exchange itself may sparkle with the vitality of a wide variety of ideas, insights, and visions. So do, please, consider interacting with this book, as well as reading it, yes?

* A major shift is occurring on our planet.
* There is nothing to be afraid of if we all play our role in this shift.
* Our role is easy to play, and can actually be fun.
* What Life is inviting us to change is our Old Cultural Story.
* Check out the website that has been specially created to allow the conversation that has been started here to continue. Go to  www.TheGlobalConversation.com and see what you think.
* Return to that website any time during your reading of this book that you see something you want to discuss further. Create your own Topic Board if you don’t find the subject you wish to discuss already being explored there.
Chapter Two: The answers to ‘why’ & ‘when’

My dear companions…
As we contemplate all that’s occurring on our planet these days it is fair to ask, “Does this have to happen? Why is this happening???”
The answer is yes, it has to happen. What is happening is happening because Life Itself is happening—and all of life moves in cycles, according to a formula. This formula requires that life progress through phases, based on principles of functionality, adaptability, and sustainability.
Whenever the functionality of life in any of its many forms is threatened, it adapts that manifestation, thus rendering itself sustainable in a new form.

This is the reason for the human experience that we call death. Death is not the end of life at all, but the continuation of life through the adaptation of the manifestation of a given life form, thus rendering that life sustainable in a new form.
This is true of everything in existence. Nothing “dies,” and you cannot “kill” a thing. Not anything at all. You cannot kill a person, you cannot kill an animal, you cannot kill a plant.
This is important to understand during this time, especially, for there are those who have died, and those who will die, during this Overhaul of Humanity, and it is both helpful and healing to know that death is not a process that takes a life, it is a process that changes a life.
We miss their presence here with us—we miss them terribly—but we need not mourn for them. The new form they have embraced has brought them great joy.
Wouldn’t this mean that it’s a splendid idea for us to end our own lives in our present form?
I get that question a lot, from people in many audiences and many cultures. My answer is always no. The soul’s departure from this physical life is never a sadness, but always a joy, whenever and however it happens.

This does not mean, though, that it is a “good idea” to simply exit this physical life. The soul’s agenda is what is being served here on the earth, and if the soul’s agenda is complete, the right and perfect circumstances will be co-created for its departure. But those circumstances will never be artificially produced by the mind.
Just as it is a joy to leave the physical body, so is it a joy to stay, and if life in the physical is not a joy, it is because we are not looking at it from the perspective of the soul, but rather, trying to figure it out with our mind.

Life will never make sense to the mind. It will only make sense, and can only produce long-term, sustained happiness, peace, and joy when embraced from the perspective of the soul.
The trick then, if we are not happy in life, is not to leave the body, but to join the soul. This can be done while one is with the body. Yet most people are not bringing the soul into their daily experience.
Before this conversation is over I will share with you exactly how do that. And when you communicate with your soul you will understand fully what is going on here—on our planet I mean. You will know that when the ability of any life form to continue in its present expression is compromised, that life form adapts its expression to allow it to immediately become sustainable again. It is in this way that life renders itself eternal.
Now there’s no questioning that the life expression that we call Earth (what some have come to name Gaia) has had its ability to continue in its present expression compromised. The conditions leading to this threatening circumstance have been created in part by the human life forms inhabiting the Earth. Those human forms, in turn, have had their own expression threatened.
In short, neither the planet nor its people can continue to go on as they have been.
Don’t worry. They won’t.
Having reached the limit of its ability to produce sustainability in the earth’s environment under present conditions, the Cycle of Life is now playing its effect, adapting all life forms in this environment, so that all life expression here may once again be rendered sustainable.
In other words, life on earth is changing in order to continue. The fact that it is changing is the guarantee that it will continue.
So that’s the why of what’s going on. Before I get to the when, let me explain where that question that was asked just above came from.


Voices that differ
A conversation is not a “conversation” if it’s a monologue. So from the very moment that I contemplated having this conversation with you through this book, I knew I wanted to avoid creating a single-voice oration, a soliloquy, a sermon or homily.
It’s all very nice to invite you to jump into a discussion online, but that doesn’t change what’s appearing here—which would, in fact, be a monologue.
Unless it wouldn’t. Unless I could find a way to convert what could come off as a “lecture” into an actual conversation, right on these pages.
Here’s what I came up with: I could create a “dialogue” growing out of conversations that have already taken place.
I could include here the thoughts, questions, and comments of other people, not just my own—offered in their voice. I could have a “conversation” that has been retrieved from my memories of previous exchanges with others.
In this way I could give voice to some who differ with what’s on these pages. I think that’s important. Voices that differ are voices that enlarge the scope of every conversation. They are also voices that represent a great many people. I hope we hear voices that differ in the online dialogue as well.
As for the voices that differ here, in this book…let me explain where they could come from.
I’ve been sharing the ideas being explored here for a good while, on the road. During a long string of evening lectures and weekend workshops, television appearances and talk show guestings, I’ve received some pretty tough questions and engaged in many vivid, spritely, sometimes challenging and once-in-a-while mildly aggressive exchanges—all of which have been totally okay with me, because I knew that all of them were serving me.
They were showing me where my thinking was perhaps a bit fuzzy, when my logic was perhaps faulty, which of my comments were hitting the nail on the head, and, in general, how other people were thinking about these same issues.
Over my 20 years as a member of the working press, I trained my mind to remember such encounters, often word for word—especially the more memorable ones—and I knew that I could bring the essence of these exchanges forward with the slightest stimulation.
So I thought, if anything I put down as I wrote this book brought back memories of one of those prior conversations, I could include my memory of it here. In that way, the present expression would not be just a monologue, with me rambling on and on from my point of view, but a “monoconvologue”—a monologue that includes conversations derived from previous dialogues.
Conversations not simply quoted, but inserted into the narrative flow as if they were happening now. I could dialogue with a composite voice of the many folks who have dialogued with me in the past.


A conversation with humanity
The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. So I decided to do it! And that’s where the question that just popped into the narrative above came from. You’ll be hearing from this “composite voice” on the pages that follow as well.
And what kinds of people comprise this composite voice? Who will be represented in these remembered exchanges?
Well, my prior explorations of the life-changing ideas presented here have taken place with folks all over the world, from Denmark to Norway to Sweden to France, from South Korea to South America, from Ireland to Poland, from Jamaica to Japan…from the steps of Machu Picchu to the steps of the Great Wall of China, from Red Square in Moscow to Vatican Square in Rome, from down under (Australia and New Zealand) to up over (Iceland), from Central West Africa to Central America, from across the United Kingdom to across the United States.
The inquiries and the opinions I’ve heard in these many places and from these many sources reflect a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, religious affiliations, political convictions, and social conventions, making for a spirited—and definitely not one-sided—monoconvologue.
And when you add your point of view later, in the online discussion, we will really have what I believe our species could truly benefit from right now: a conversation with humanity.
So, on the pages that follow you’ll get a glimpse of what people from all over the world have been thinking and asking about our tumultuous times and about the messages that I’m sharing, which I believe could change our world. I’ll present their views here in a dialogue format, so that you can experience the exchanges very much as they originally took place, yes?
Now then, back to where I was going…


The when of the Overhaul
Several famous prognostications appear to indicate that the time of our species’ next great evolutionary step is now.
Looking back, we have seen that Life Cycles are actually not that difficult to predict. Beginning in ancient times people began to observe certain rhythms in events. Wise ones listened carefully to oral histories and began keeping track of the cycles. They used their observations to estimate the timing of future cycles.
This estimate of timing is what we find in the prognostications of Nostradamus, the prophesies of religious figures from all of the world’s great religions, the predictions of the Maya Calendar, etc., many of which point to this very moment in human history as being significant.
Wikipedia tells us “that numerous cases of prophecy exist among the Native American populations,” and that “the Onondaga and Hopi, among others, have prophecies that appear to relate to the times we are entering now.
“For example, the Onondaga talk of a time when the water will not be fit to drink from the streams. This, they say, will signify the beginning of a period they call the great purification, where the peoples will go through immense trials to purify themselves of the corrupting influences that have beset them.
“This, they say, will be seen as a period of joy for those who understand what is happening and engage this period as a time of purification, but will be a period of immense suffering for those who cling to their…worldview and lifestyles.”
There was a big twinkle in my eye and a huge smile on my face as I read this prophecy, because I couldn’t have put it better myself. That is exactly what I have come here to tell you. We are in for a period of joy—yet this period will include suffering for sure if we insist on clinging to our old worldview and lifestyles.
Just look at what that old worldview produced in just the few months before this book was published…
* Several nations had their future altered forever by revolutions.
* Other countries were devastated by the worst natural disasters in decades.
* People around the world saw their individual lives continue to be dismantled by a global financial meltdown that began 24-months earlier.
Add all that has happened in our world since then and we may well understand why much of humanity is looking to its future a bit nervously, wondering…Is this just the beginning of what the final month of that much-talked-about year, 2012, will bring? What lies ahead, not just in December 2012, but beyond?
* The Overhaul of Humanity is part of a natural process by which life sustains itself.
* What would be beneficial right now is a conversation with humanity.
* The scope and sweep of events tells us that the Overhaul of Humanity has already begun; the time is now.
* Think about ways in which you may be clinging to an old worldview and lifestyle. What does this mean to you? How does this look?
* Contemplate what’s been going on in this world and in your life between the time this book was written (early summer, 2011) and now. Ask yourself, does it feel as if a “shift” is taking place? Perhaps begin a personal journal about all that you’re observing, as part of your process.
* Begin thinking about what you would put into a New Cultural Story for humanity if you were asked to write it. (Which you are being asked to do, right here.)
 Chapter Three: The one thing we know for sure

My wonderful fellow humans…The major disruptions in life as we know it will not be ending soon. Not before and not immediately after December 2012.
Yet—and I say this again, because it is important—things are not what they seem.
What is happening is not The End of History, but The Beginning of A New Era; not the Death of Modern Society, but the Birthing of a New Civilization.
Therefore, living in fear and apprehension, nervous caution and skittish timidity, warily searching for a safe place, hoarding food and hunkering down, preparing for a caveman survival mentality to overcome every human being on the earth as all the structures, conveniences, and technologies of our world simultaneously collapse, is not the answer.
The answer is to get into the game, not get out of the game by running from the playing field. And the game is not The Survival Game, the game is The Creation Game.
The answer is to join in the co-creation of magnificent days to come. I have something specific to suggest that we can all do, and it’s so easy we’ll wonder what took us so long to just jump in and do it.

My suggestion is that we all engage in a conversation with humanity—the part of humanity that we can personally touch.
That’s it? Have a conversation? That’s the Big Solution to Everything?
That’s it. And yes, that can be the Big Solution to Everything. Not directly, of course. But indirectly.
Doesn’t seem like much of a solution to me.
It can be, I promise you. And I’ll talk a bit more about the power of all this later. Right now let me just say that you can start your end of this “conversation with humanity” by simply telling everyone you know that if we do not play our part, some of those things could happen.
And so today, just as many years ago, it is exactly as American President Franklin Roosevelt said: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


What it’s all about—and what it’s not
How to proceed without fear will become clearer to all of us when we realize that what is taking place now all over our planet is not what it seems.
It has nothing to do at its basis with politics, so the upheavals in governance are misplaced and will do little or nothing to change things.
It has nothing to do at its basis with economics, so the protests about economic disparities are misdirected and will do little or nothing to change things.
It has nothing to do at its basis with military might, so the use of military power to quell dissent or resolve an issue will do little or nothing to change things.
It may look as if it has to do with all of those things, and it has to do with none of those things. Yet if we do not know what it does have to do with, and if we’re unwilling to look at what it might have to do with, we’re lost. If we don’t know what the problem is, how can we get the problem solved?
The irony here is that we want to solve it! Not a single person I know wants this to go on forever. (It’s true that there are some folks out there who are actually welcoming these events—joyously proclaiming that these occurrences herald the coming of Armageddon, the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment, when they imagine that that and only they will be “saved” — but most human beings are yearning to see better times, not the end times.)
Indeed, what I observe everywhere I go is that the human race is losing patience with itself. We don’t want the kind of world we’ve created. Like a dissatisfied artist standing back from the canvas, we’ve decided that we’re not pleased with the picture we’ve painted.
We’ve also become very clear (finally) that we can’t paint a better picture by using the same brush strokes in the same places with the same colors we used before.
Something’s got to change.
It’s time to tear up the canvas and start over.
It is this awareness that is producing the Overhaul of Humanity.


The solution to the problem
Let’s go to the dictionary and look up that word. Overhaul: a comprehensive examination and repair of something.
Ah, yes…the repair of something. Not the destruction of something, the repair of something. That’s what this time on our planet is all about. A lot of people are running around declaring that this is the end of everything. It’s not. It’s the beginning. This is about repair, not destruction, of our world and our way of life.
In order for those repairs to be made, we have to be clear about what is needed.
What is needed here is not a revolution on the ground, it is a revolution in the mind.
It is our thinking we must change. In the past we kept trying to change conditions on the ground, and even when we did manage to do so (every so often we found a band-aid that helped), the same old (age old) problems eventually re-emerged—because nothing had been altered in our mindset.
All of that is changing. Large numbers of people are “getting” this now. And so, we are going to weather this storm, you and I. We’re going to give our children, and theirs, a wonderful world in which to live. We’re about to turn a page in human history.

Will you turn that page with me now?


The Entirety of this book can be read online at the following link: